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Our branded personals is a trusted way to find that someone special. Since 1996 we has been a leader in connecting singles through our exceptional personals service. We is a safe place for singles to test the waters or finally meet that special someone for a long-term relationship. We lets you go at your own pace. We like to think of ourselves as a valuable friend helping you along the way in your life journey.

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when to meetDeriuszek    Post Falls, Idaho
Im an normal average guy. I've been told I'm to honest and caring and that I'm a really nice guy. But you will have to get to know me to find that out. I love long walks in the rain, listening music
ungrateful womenILYMNE    Anchorage, Alaska
Well. I like food. Uhm, I do artsy stuff on occasion. I'm a major introvert unless I'm around people I'm comfortable with. I would like to go to an art college in the next six years. My taste in music is.all over the place.
man in love signshenry393    Rockland County, New York
Living each day looking forward to meeting that special guy that I can enjoy sharing my life with.I'm positive, love to have fun, and just enjoy what each new day has in store for me.
dating someone 10 years youngervoyke    Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Just an easy going lad really, I don't try and be centre of attention all the time but I'm confident and know what I want and will do what I can to get it. I'm honest and loyal to my friends regardles

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